About US

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To be the leader in developing professionals for tomorrow’s skills.


To provide quality training experience to people worldwide.



We are an independent initiative with an objective of increasing the digital skills of the people and link the industry with education to promote the technology. Established in 2016 in Belgium, we are inspired by the Scandinavian educational system to create low-cost, high-quality training to change the way people learn new skills. Over the past decade, we have built a sustainable collaboration and education platform, and have grown our global community to reach 126 local groups in 7 countries.
We continue to collaborate with top universities and companies, such as Cambridge, Brussels, Leuven and different labs, as well as such noted trainers to give unique training experience for the people around the world.



We are working with industry and outsource projects for prove of concept (POC).

  • Adopt projects those are could not see the light due to lack of resources, or not sure about the return of investment of the target company.
  • Concentrate mainly on IT projects.
  • Attracting students from all over the world to work on the proposed projects.
  • Investing on the good idea that do change in the market.



  • We produce top-grade open source training materials. Through free and open access to all people around the world.
  • Educate millions people on how to have new skills and easy-to-use technology – like websites, household appliances, software applications, and mobile devices.
  • Through our corporate training programs
  • We foster synergy between academia and high-tech companies. We mix top professors from Brussels, London, Rome, etc. with elite industry designers from Google Research, Sony, Sodexo, IRIS Research, etc. And together we produce top training learning materials to the benefit of both industry and academia all over the world.
  • We provide aid for educational institutions and companies in developing countries by giving them training. Also to offer free access to materials.
  • Offer training and project opportunities for student who are looking to have practical experience form the market.