Social Media Marketing

This course introduces participants to concepts, tools and best practices in social media marketing. In addition to the concepts and theories, participants will learn and practice content creation/curation, social media listening, community engagement, etc.



This course consists of three modules. In each module, there are lessons, reading materials, tutorials, group discussions, assignments, and quizzes. There is no required textbook. We will use selected materials for the lesson, the reading and the tutorials.



Training structure and contents will be updated periodically to reflect the best and most up-to-date industry practices.


Part 1: Social media concepts

After finishing this module, participants will be able to

•.    Explain major values of social media

•.    Tell popular tactics in content creation, sharing and engagement

•.    Critique social media practices of businesses and institutions

Class activities: study readings; take a quiz; participate in class discussions; conduct a SWOT social media brand analysis.


Part 2: Social media strategy

After finishing this module, participants will be able to

•.    Explain what content marketing is

•.    Develop a social media strategy

•.    Identify topics for content creation

•.    Create a story using curation tools

Class activities: study lesson/reading/tutorials; participate in class discussions; use a template to create a social media strategy; use keyword research tools to identify topics for content creation; use Storify to curate a social media story.


Part 3: Social media tactics

After finishing this module, participants will be able to

•.    Tell pros and cons of major social media platforms

•.    Conduct social media listening

•.    Explain guidelines in writing effective social media messages

•.    Research for relevant hashtags for social media postings

Class activities: study reading/lessons; take a quiz; use Hootsuite to monitor what is being said about a company or brand; write tweets or Facebook posts following guidelines discussed in lesson; conduct hashtag research and include relevant hashtags in social media messages.