What we do?

EUTD takes pride in its efforts to equip all customers with the necessary tools and resources to successfully meet future challenges through its comprehensive training programs and advisory services. The following is a list of our offered services

1. Training

Enhance your competitive advantage by improving operational effectiveness.

  • Digital Media
  • Cyber Security
  • FinTech
  • Blockchain
2. Digital Transformation

The integration of technology into a company's operations to drive substantial transformation.

  • Institutes
  • Entities
  • Public Figures
3. Academic Enhancement

aims to expand your understanding in a complementary field to your academic background.

  • Adopt graduation projects.
  • Providing student scholarships.
  • Linking students with institutions.
  • University registration.
4. Consultation

This capability equips you with the ability to recognize attitudes among specific groups over a period of time

  • Strategy consulting
  • Operations consulting
  • Financial consulting
  • IT consulting
5. Bridging Between Industry & Educational Institutions

We are working with industry and outsource projects for students, focusing on distant working format

  • Adopt projects that are could not see the light due to lack of resources, or not sure about the return of investment of the target company.
  • Concentrate mainly on IT projects.
  • Attracting students from all over the world to work on the proposed projects.
  • Investing in a good idea that does change in the market.

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